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Folk Art Symmetry

Folk Art Symmetry

Nova Scotia is a hot bed of folk artists, they are everywhere . During the season there are all sorts of festival, galleries and craftsman pumping the virtues of this art form. Seems everyone that live in the province has a collection of this wonderful art and most tourist drive away with a piece or two, to remind them of the Maritimes

I drove past this house and in the window was a tin angel, painted up for all to enjoy. Above the door was a more primitive form of the art. A lifebuoy all decorated as a wreath. The symmetry of the scene just screams out to me. I divide the image right in half from top to bottom and except for the door knob and the number I had almost have mirror halves. Next I divided the image so that the angel and the wreath were equal distance from the horizontal centre line. The light and dark paint of the building almost completely balanced each other so I was able to use matrix metering. Other than pressing the shutter that was all I did.

Decorating 128/365 part B

Decorating 128/365 part B

Cardigan: The Secret Store – Cape Bolero – Gold
Top: The Secret Store – Silk Bodysuit – Blue
Jeans: LazySunday HN Jeans Faded (.::Havana Nights::)
Hair: >TRUTH< Bea – chocolate
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Kelsey pumps – black

dfo! [thisthat] save the world or go to the mall

[what next}Keepsake Table & Candle New
Desk: :CP: Sofia Desk (background) Spruce up your Space

top decorating blogs

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